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Magic One: Tricks and Reveals

Magic One is more than just a project. To create this app we have engaged best professionals in their fields. Dozens of magic tricks and lessons were filmed. We tried to convey as well as possible the atmosphere of magic that reigned with us during the shooting. And all these lessons are available in our UI-friendly app.

PulseMe: Heart Rate Monitor

Health is the most important part of our lives. Therefore, we could not get past the development of an app that would help people check their pulse with only a mobile phone. The second important component of this project is the audio meditations that will help people calm their heart and mind, relieve stress and anxiety during these difficult times.

Dance Now: Enjoy and Learn

Inspired by the creation of Magic One, we decided to go beyond learning magic tricks and create an app which allows us to teach people short dances. A professional dancer, beautiful studio and amazing team helped us to make this gorgeous project happen.

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Senior iOS Developer

Hours: Full-Time

5+ years of experience as an iOS developer.

Proficiency in Swift and Objective-C.

Experienced in developing customer-facing, commercial iOS applications.

Deep understanding of iOS frameworks such as Core Data and Core Animation, along with offline storage, threading, and performance tuning.

Senior Java Developer

Hours: Full-Time

Experience in Java Spring Framework

Experience with other technologies such as JQuery

Write and tune SQL and noSQL database queries

Experience with CI/CD tools a bonus

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